Former ward of state billed for medical treatment

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A pair of state representatives have come to the defense of a former ward of the state who has been billed $207,000 by the DCYF.

Nicholas Alahverdian tells Eyewitness News he received the six page medical bill from the the Department of Children Youth and Families. The bill comes after Alaverdian filed a lawsuit against DCYF and a long list of former and current state officials. He claims he was physically and sexually abused while he was moved in and out of some 20 group homes across three states.

“It’s retaliation disguised as a legal mechanism,” Alahverdian said. “Had I not sued the department, they would not have come after me for that money.”

Representatives Michael Chippendale and Doreen Costa have stepped up to defend Alahverdian.

“Here’s the bill. I mean, you cant make this up. This is the bill from the state of Rhode Island,” Rep. Costa told Eyewitness News. “In other words if you’re a child and you go into foster care, when you’re an adult are you going to get a bill like this?”

The lawmakers plan on introducing several bills focusing on the DCYF for the next legislative session, including one bill that would ask the agency to stop sending children out of Rhode Island for care. DCYF did not return phone calls from Eyewitness news seeking comment.

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