Teen jogger discovers body in N. Attleboro

NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) – An investigation is underway after a teenage jogger discovered a body lying among gravel in North Attleboro.

Around 5:30 on Monday afternoon a jogger who was running along John Dietsch Boulevard discovered a body lying in an open space between dirt and gravel piles. The teen did not have a cell phone and approached the door of a nearby office park building, then spoke to a worker inside about his discovery. Together, the jogger and employee went back to the scene and called police.

The employee told Eyewitness News that police reported the body may have been dumped there.

“I walked out there with him and saw an African American male probably 25-35 years old, decently dressed… he was stiff and motionless. The police officers came back later and said it looked like the guy had been shot somewhere else and dumped here.”

According to the office park employee, the body was sitting in a wide-open area in the office park.

“He was in a flat space in between the dirt and gravel piles, in plain sight, like they didn’t make any effort to hide it or anything,” said the employee.

The office park employee said it was a difficult discovery for both him and the young jogger.

“Obviously it shakes you up a little bit, it’s not every day you find a dead body behind your building, and certainly the 15-year-old jogger was pretty shaken,” he said.

Both Attleboro Police and Massachusetts State Police are investigating the incident. The Attleboro Sun-Chronicle reported that police were searching for a black 2013 Chevrolet Suburban with RI license plates in connection with the incident, but it has since been found.

The DA’s office has not yet released the identity of the victim.

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