Bombing survivor throws out first pitch

NEWPORT, R.I. (WPRI) – A Newport woman who lost part of her leg in the Boston Marathon bombings is being honored by a local baseball team with a donation to her recovery fund and a chance to throw out the first pitch.

While it is not the same size crowd as Fenway , Heather Abbott stepped out onto the mound with the Newport Gulls – a team that wants to help their hometown survivor.

“She’s gotten a lot of support from a lot of different people, including the Boston Red Sox, so we are small potatoes compared to the sox , but what we can do here in our little world, it’s significant,” said the team’s General Manager Chuck Paiva.

Paiva helped to organize a community night for Abbott, where half the money for every ticket sold will go to her recovery.

Abbott quickly transitioned in her community from bombing victim to a source of inspiration. Her incredible attitude through her recovery marked by her bigger than life smile, serves  a lesson for these players, fans, friends, and locals.

“It is easy to give up today or tomorrow, but I remind people you are never going to give up in life and you are never going to stop believing in something that’s more or better than you, or something that’s more powerful than you, “said Paiva.

Though just months ago she was in a wheelchair, she walked and stepped out onto the mound on Tuesday night.

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