Johnston Police Officer Terminated

WARWICK, RI (WPRI) – A Johnston Police rookie, accused of breaking into a Warwick home to collect money from her alleged cocaine deal, was fired, according to Johnston Deputy Chief Daniel Parrillo.

Marisa Ciccone, 24, was suspended without pay on Wednesday following her Monday night arraignment on charges of breaking and entering, simple assault and battery and disorderly conduct. Her career as a Johnston cop lasted less than nine months.

“After an in depth internal investigation, Probationary Officer Marisa Ciccone was terminated for multiple violations of department rules and regulations and policy and procedure,” Deputy Chief Parrillo told Target 12.

Since Ciccone had been on the job for less than a year, she was not protected by Rhode Island’s Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of RIghts, which would’ve allowed her to fight the termination in front of a tribunal of officers.

Several former police recruits told Target 12 that Ciccone was chosen to read the police officers’ code of ethics during her graduation from the police academy last year. She was hired by Johnston Police a short time later and put the badge on for the first time last December.

The case surfaced earlier this week when a home on Byron Boulevard in Warwick was broken into by two people according the owner, Jamerson Batemen. He told police that after Ciccone forced her way in, she was “screaming for her money” and wanted him to tell her the location of his former roommate.
Bateman claimed Ciccone “had made cocaine deals” with his former roommate and James Fortin, 44, who is also charged with breaking and entering.

According to the police report, Bateman told investigators, Ciccone yelled a series of questions; “Where is my (expletive) money? Where is (roommate’s name redacted)? Where is (sic) my drugs?”

Bateman stated that he told Ciccone he didn’t know any of the answers but that “Marisa was not listening.”

“Marisa was highly intoxicated and she kept repeating that she was going to get her gun and blow everybody away,” Bateman told officers according to the police report.

There are no indications in the police report that anyone saw a weapon but there were “several children” in the house according to Bateman.
He said one of them was his 17 year old niece who according to the report “tried to push Marisa” away from her parents after the off-duty Johnston police officer “got in their face.”

Bateman told police the officer then “struck his niece in the face with a closed fist.” Bateman later told Target 12 his niece was treated for minor injuries.

Ciccone and Fortin will make their initial court appearances next month.

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