Heather Abbott tries on new prosthetic

NEWPORT, R.I. (WPRI) – Rhode Island native Heather Abbott continues to recover from the Boston Marathon bombings.

Abbott was seriously injured in the blast at the Boston Marathon finish line on April 15th.

She made the tough decision to have leg amputated in hopes that a prosthetic would allow her a better life.

Now, she’s taking steps in the prosthetic leg she’s been patiently waiting for.

“You almost don’t realize that you’re not going to get there right away,” said Abbott.

A hospital pledge to get back into high heels brought her to New Hampshire this week, where she was fitted for her new high heeled leg.

Now that the first phase of fittings is over, the prosthetic will be shipped to England for a state of the art silicone cover.

It’s expected to be ready in about six weeks.

Abbott already has a prosthetic for flat shoes, and just last week she tested out her waterproof leg with some paddle boarding.

“It was great,” said Abbott.

She’s also returned part time to her job at Raytheon.

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