Botox is new solution for oral pain

(WPRI) — Botox and the dentist? Bet this is a combination you never imagined but you might be surprised to learn that your dentist can be very effective in treating TMJ and other issues of the head and neck regions.

Southcoast Smiles in Seekonk tells The Rhode Show more about the integration of Botox in the dentist’s office.

Jennifer Kuchar, DMD, explains how Botox “can be used to oral facial pain, such as TMJ.”

Botox can also help with jaw pain in people with overactive muscles.

Dr. Kuchar says clenching and grinding at night damages your teeth, but Botox offers a relatively painless solution. And the physical changes are not nearly as dramatic as what you are used to seeing on television.

The new procedure has proved life-changing for patients who said they used to feel uncomfortable talking and eating.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, look into Southcoast Smiles to see if they can help with your all of your oral pain.

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