Chemical in baby wipes could be harmful

(WPRI) – Popular wipes used on babies around the country may contain a harmful preservative that could cause an allergic reaction in small children.

A recent study found that some wipes appear to cause allergic reactions in babies. The ingredient is a preservative called Mythylisothiazolinone which is found in personal care and household products, including baby wipes.

Dr. Ellen Frankle says that children who are allergic to this chemical develop patches of crusting, swelling, or blister cracks around their mouths, hands or bottoms.

“I’ve always told parents do not under any circumstances use diaper wipes, they have a lot of chemicals in there and they can irritate skin that’s already damaged,” said Dr. Frankle.

The study found that as soon as children stopped using the wipes, their rashes went away in days. Call 12 for Action reached out to the maker of the two brands used: Huggies and Cottonelle.

A statement from the company reads:

We have been evaluating alternative preservative options over the past few years and are now ready to confirm that, beginning this month, Kimberly-Clark will start introducing new wet wipes that are MI-free across its entire product range.

The first Mythylisothiazolinone free wipes will be called Huggies Natural Care baby wipes, and will be in stores beginning this month. There are other wipes currently on the market that do not contain the preservative.

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