Some phone charges may be negotiable

(WPRI) – When the cell phone bill arrives each month, do you open it and cringe at the fees and just send in the payment?

Problem Solver Susan Hogan says it’s all about negotiating and knowing what questions to ask before paying your bill.

An upgrade fee, when you’re already paying for a new phone, is latest example of a one-time charge that some cell phone companies hit customers with.

“The advertised price is never the true price. If you look at the small print it says plus fees and taxes. That can add anywhere from 17% up to 24% percent on top of the bill,” said Louis DeNicola of

If you want to subtract, some of those one-time charges you may actually be able to talk your way out of are upgrade and activation fees.

Experts say if you’re fed up then speak up, because carriers are getting competitive when it comes to fees.

“Everyone in the United States that wants a cell phone has a cell phone. So they have to find a way to differentiate them, and the easiest way to do that is price,” said Michael Bremmer, telecommunications expert.

Experts believe that fees for going over on your limit for voice, text or data plans could be negotiable.

“Call into customer care and ask to have those fees waived. The worst they can say is no,” said Bremmer.

Early termination fees and late fees are also charges that experts say you can negotiate.

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