Snow delays at Green intensify anticipation

A screen full of cancelled departing flights greets travelers at T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, R.I., February 5, 2014, due to heavy

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Including departures and arrivals, about 35 flights were canceled Wednesday at T.F. Green Airport, due to the snow that fell from overnight into the morning. But many flights still arrived and took off — about fifteen each.

And Olympia Moulton still waited. The Auburn, Mass., high school junior was trying to get to Florida. Wednesday morning, she was angry.

“I got to the airport at 5:00. And then we got on our plane and waited for two hours, and we haven’t moved,” she said.

The terminal was largely empty when Eyewitness News was there. Stragglers who were there are trying to fly out as soon as the weather and logistics would allow.

At the other end of the attitude spectrum from Olympia is Cindy Konrad, from Sterling, Mass. She was all smiles — saying she is prepared to wait hours, or even days, for her special arrival.

“I’m here to welcome my son home,” she said. “He’s a U.S. Marine and he’s been deployed in Afghanistan, and it’s a big day for us.”

Cpl. Tom Johnson has been away for a year, she said. He’s back in the States, but weather put him in a holding pattern. As the delay builds, so does anticipation.

“Even if he doesn’t make it today, I’ll wait as long as…” She reconsiders: “I’ve already waited a year, so I can handle a couple more hours.”

Several travelers said they’ve been booked on flights for Thursday. It’s not clear if those planes will take off on time.

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