Boy dies in accidental shooting by brother

BOSTON (AP) — A 14-year-old boy is facing juvenile charges in the accidental shooting death of his 9-year-old brother.

The teen will be arraigned Monday on delinquency charges of involuntary manslaughter and illegal possession of a firearm, Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said Friday. Investigators believe the teen was being reckless with the gun when it discharged, Conley said.

Police were called to the boys’ home in the city’s Mattapan neighborhood at about 11:30 Friday morning and found the wounded boy, who was pronounced dead later at a hospital.

Police Commissioner William Evans said the 14-year-old apparently panicked and ran away. He said the boy was “very remorseful” when police found him a short time later.

“It looks like what we have here is a terrible tragedy,” Evans said, adding “it breaks your heart to see a young kid like that, a curly-haired kid, be wheeled by with a gunshot wound to the chest.”

Another sibling was at home when the 9-year-old was shot, Evans said. The mother, who wasn’t at home but was nearby, is “extremely distraught,” he said.

Police are investigating how the boy got the gun and why the children weren’t in school. Conley said there’s no evidence anyone in the family knew the boy had the gun.

Mayor Martin Walsh said a 14-year-old “should not be in a situation where he has access to a gun, whether it was horseplay or whatever the circumstances.” He and Evans urged residents to help get illegal guns off the streets.

In 2007, an 8-year-old Boston boy was accidentally shot by his 7-year-old cousin as they played with a handgun that belonged to the victim’s 15-year-old brother. In that case, the 15-year-old served a juvenile sentence for involuntary manslaughter. Their mother was acquitted of involuntary manslaughter for allowing the unsecured gun in the home but was convicted of at first lying to police about the circumstances.

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