911 call on Hernandez associate club shooting

HARTFORD, Conn. (WPRI) — The Hartford, Conn. police department has released recordings of 911 calls from the night Alexander Bradley was shot last weekend. Bradley is considered an associate of former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez, and is the man who previously sued Hernandez, claiming the former pro football player shot him during an altercation in Miami last February.

Bradley is accused of firing a gun at the front of Vevo, a Hartford nightclub, on Sunday, after he was shot during a dispute beforehand.

An excerpt from the 911 call transcript, provided by Hartford Police:

“Everybody’s on the floor right now, they [the shooters]’re outside.”

“Okay. We’re getting callers inside the club, they’re shooting from outside… …They’re shooting outside, into the club. So everybody’s on the floor, they can’t get descriptions.”

“Everybody, they’re shooting at the windows, the doors, everything right now. We don’t know who it is.”


“And they’re still shooting?”

“Yes, they are. Everybody’s on the floor right now.”

Bradley is being held on a million dollars bail. So is Leslie Randolph, 29, who police are charging with shooting Bradley in the leg in Sunday’s incident.

Tuesday, Bradley was arraigned on charges including criminal possession of a firearm. Police say the shooting stemmed from a dispute over money.

Hernandez is detained on a murder charge in the killing of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd. The former New England Patriots tight end has pleaded not guilty.

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