Affidavit points to motive, suspected shooter in teen’s death

Top row: Seydina Ndoye (left), Alain Bedame (right). Bottom row: Anthony Moore (left), Ashner Alexis. All four pictured men, as well as a fifth unidentified juvenile, were charged with murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old George Holland. (Providence Police Dept. / WPRI)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – The capital city’s third homicide was motivated by misplaced vengeance and ended in celebration, according to new testimony included in an affidavit released Wednesday afternoon.

George Holland, 17, a football player at Central High School, passed away last Wednesday, a few hours after he was shot in the abdomen while standing inside a residence at 145 Colfax Street in Providence. Four adults and one juvenile have been arrested and arraigned in connection with his death: Ashner Alexis, 18, Alain Bedame, 18, Anthony Moore, 21, Seydina Ndoye, 19, and an unidentified 17-year-old.

Although police said Holland – who did not live at the Colfax Street home – was not the intended target, the shooting was never considered a random act of violence. On Wednesday, two days after making initial arrests, police released new information detailing the events that led up to Holland’s death.

The shooting, according to an affidavit that included testimony from an eyewitness and two of the four adult suspects, was planned in advance by the aforementioned suspects, each of whom allegedly belong to a neighborhood gang.

The affidavit claims that a witness who lives at 145 Colfax Street told police that Alain Bedame posted threats on Facebook that said he was looking to “retaliate against the residence of 145 Colfax St.” Upon learning this information, police said they located Bedame, who went willingly to the police station to file his testimony.

Bedame, according to the affidavit, admitted to police that he drove to and from the crime scene, and he identified Seydina Ndoye as another passenger in the vehicle. Ndoye, police said, also gave a statement at the station.

The affidavit goes on to state, citing Bedame’s and Ndoye’s testimony as evidence, that Bedame, Ndoye and suspect Ashner Alexis drove to Woonsocket last Monday to visit alleged gang leader Anthony Moore.

Alexis, the affidavit states, asked Moore for a weapon, and Moore handed him a sawed-off shotgun.

After receiving the gun, the affidavit states Ndoye, Alexis and Bedame drove back to Providence and stopped in front of the Colfax Street home. Alexis and an unidentified juvenile suspect, the affidavit says, then exited the vehicle and walked up to the window. Witnesses said the unidentified suspect tapped on the window, and – when Holland came in sight – witnesses said Alexis pulled the trigger.

Bedame and Ndoye, who said they stayed in the car, told police that Alexis was “excited” when he returned to the vehicle moments after allegedly firing the ultimately fatal shot. The affidavit states that the group of men fled the scene after the shooting and returned to Moore’s Woonsocket home.

When they arrived, both Bedame and Ndoye said Alexis and Moore “hugged and celebrated the shooting.”

All four adult suspects were arraigned on first-degree murder and conspiracy charges on Monday. The unidentified juvenile was transferred to Family Court.

Holland, a Providence resident, was the oldest of 10 children. Central High School officially retired his football number in his honor during a ceremony last week.

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