Teen Talk: Getting Involved

 PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI)- Local high school students at East Providence High School share their thoughts on various topics in a segment called “Teen Talk” during school vacation week. Seniors and juniors sat down with host, Michaela Johnson, and discussed how they are involved in school activities and programs.

Kaitlyn, a senior, and Mike, a junior, take part in multiple sports at the high school. Something they say take sup the majority of their time. “It’s like I’m never home” said Kaitlyn. Despite being busy, the family-like atmosphere is most appealing to both students. “That’s how I met a lot of my friends” Mike added.

Though she’s not involved in sports, Maddie, a senior, has a strong bond with a group of her own: theater. The tight-knit groups are not your typical high school cliques. In fact, the students say East Providence is extremely open and welcoming of all students. “I have friends that are in some groups, but I feel like I’m friends with all different kinds of groups” said junior, Alyssa.

Getting involved both in school and in the community has helped all of the students form a unique relationship with their peers. “I feel like you guys say that your family is with sports or with theater, but I feel like my family is at my job” said Kevin, a senior at EPHS.  

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