Dan Doyle’s Institute website still asking for donations

KINGSTON, R.I. (WPRI) – The website for indicted Dan Doyle’s Institute for International Sport indicates his embattled organization is still accepting donations, but according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) the Institute lost its tax exempt status last year, Target 12 has learned.

Doyle was indicted last May on 18 counts, including embezzlement and forgery for allegedly misusing more than one million dollars. A pre-trial conference in the case is scheduled for Friday

Doyle wrote in a January 18, 2014 that he is still working for the sports based organization that he created in 1986. The Institute gained national acclaim thanks in part to millions of dollars in contributions from Rhode Island taxpayer funded grants and from philanthropic groups.

“I have focused on projects I felt would be for others,” Doyle wrote in the January blog. “Good for me as well and would, in all cases, take the Institute for International Sport to a new level.”

According to the Institute’s website, donations are still accepted. Under the “Get Involved” tab, it reads “all contributions are tax deductible.”

But according to the I R S, the Institute’s tax exempt status was revoked last May for “failure to file Form 990” for three consecutive years. The IRS website states one of the effects of losing the exemption is the organization cannot receive tax-deductible contributions.

We wanted to ask Doyle about whether the Institute was still receiving donations. The vehicle he was seen driving was parked in a handicapped spot in front of the Institute’s office in Kingston, indicating he was in the building. No one answered the door, but Doyle did acknowledge us from the second floor. He then closed the window with a chuckle.

His attorney Mike Blanchard contacted us and said Doyle has not received any contributions since “the tax exempt status was revoked.” When we asked why the website still states that donations are accepted and tax deductible, Doyle’s attorney told us today was the first time he had heard about the issue.

According to a lease with the University of Rhode Island, the Institute pays $1 a year to the university to use the land, but owns two buildings that sit on the property. The lease runs through May of 2017.

The Doyle investigation began in 2012 with an audit into how the Institute spent a $575,000 General Assembly legislative grant. The taxpayer money was supposed to help construct the second Institute building. But 6 years after that grant was given, that structure remains only partially finished.

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