Man looks back on time spent in Ukraine

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI)- As the violent conflict continues in Ukraine, a North Kingstown native is looking back at his time spent in the embattled country.

Peter Meegan was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine from 2009-2011. He recalls the early years of ousted leader Viktor Yanukovych’s rule.

Ukraine Protests
Photos: Protests in Ukraine Turn Violent

“He was elected fairly, democratically, in a free election. It wasn’t until he took office that he began his backslide on democratic freedoms and freedom of the press,” said Meegan.

The violence hits close to home for Meegan. He has lost friends in the ongoing violence.

“The owner of the internet club I spent time in when I was in my hometown in Ukraine was one of the protestors killed in Kiev,” said Meegan.

Despite the ongoing tension and uncertainty, the former volunteer tells us he wishes he was still there to see the transformation first hand.

“I would want to go back in a moment. When the protests started, I wished I was on the barricades with my friends,” Meegan said.

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