Road paving causes large drops onto driveways

COVENTRY, R.I. (WPRI) – Residents of a Coventry neighborhood are thrilled to finally have their road paved, but some aren’t so happy with the results.

Wendy Paige of Coventry was excited to see her street was finally paved, but the aftermath proved to be a potential danger.

“At the completion of their tarring, they literally closed off the entrance to my walkway,” Paige said. When she noticed the asphalt created a two and a half foot drop from the road to her property, she expected construction crews would come back and fix it.

Paige said her first thought was that there was “no way they would leave it like this,” as her property wasn’t the only one affected. Her neighbor’s drop was also several feet.

When her belief that the crew would return to finish the job turned out to be wrong, she contacted town officials, who acknowledged the problem but shifted responsibility to the construction company.

With so many fingers being pointed, Paige’s street never saw improvement. That’s when Paige let officials know she was contacting Call 12 for Action.

“About an hour later, I had the Director of the Department of Public Works at my door,” Paige told Call 12 for Action. The following day, DPW got to work cleaning up the mess, and constructed new steps for her and her neighbors.

Wendy Paige was quite happy Coventry’s town officials finished the job properly and before winter’s end.

If your neighborhood or property has been subjected to road work damage, be sure to take pictures and document everything in case you need it down the road.

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