Legislators considering change to good time law

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The House Judiciary Committee heard testimony on a three bill package Wednesday night. The proposed legislation seeks to keep individuals convicted of the most serious offenses behind bars.

The legislation comes following the release of Alfred Brisette, an infamous “thrill killer” who lured a female stranger into the woods in 1999 and beat her to death with a lug wrench and shovel. He served 13 years of his 35-year prison sentence and was released for “good time”.

The first bill in the three bill package would ensure those serving life sentences for first or second degree murder serve thirty years before becoming eligible for parole. Individuals behind bars on non-life sentences would have to serve at least fifty percent of their sentence.

The third bill would create a murderer registry with individual’s names and addresses.

“The people that we represent need to know that persons who commit murder will be treated accordingly,” said Rep. Raymond Hull.

Advocates say something needs to be done to keep the streets safer.

“We have four homicides on our hands. Last year there were over one hundred shootings in the capital city alone. It’s getting out of control. The sentencing doesn’t reflect the serious nature of the crime,” said Carolyn Medeiros of the Alliance for Safe Communities.

No vote has been scheduled on this proposal as of yet.

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