New legislation helps protect RIers security

(WPRI) – Every time you swipe your card at a retailer, it has many residents wondering whether their privacy is protected. New legislation that was just introduced will require retailers to make sure it is.

Data breaches at major retailers such as Target, TJ Maxx, Stop and Shop, Homegoods, and Marshalls, have impacted millions of customers nationwide.

Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Killmartin authorized legislation that would require businesses that have been breached to provide one year of credit monitoring at no cost to the victim.

“What we’ve really tried to do is keep up with what’s happening across the country in terms of data breaches and this will help give a much needed updates to the consumers in RI,” he said.

Right now, retailers are not required to provide any credit monitoring for customers who may have had their accounts breached. Although many businesses offer a 90-day fraud alert with credit reporting bureaus, Killmartin says that’s not enough.

The proposed legislation would provide free credit monitoring for all impacted Rhode Island consumers regardless of where the company is located.

Only local consumers will be offered the protection, and businesses will also have to provide toll-free numbers for consumer reporting agencies and the FTC. The legislation would further require retailers to warn consumers about possible imposters who attempt to defraud them after the breach.

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