Pinterest accounts targeted by schemers

It seems that none of our social media profiles are safe from hackers! Pinterest accounts are being targeted by schemers and your account could be next.

Susan Hogan joins The Rhode Show to explain how these con artists are hacking accounts, and what to do if it happens to you.

“Just like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest is becoming a new outlet for schemers. Con artists are accessing user’s accounts to pin fake products,” Susan explains.

You may even receive and email from Pinterest with a link that looks legitimate.  The problem is that if you click on this link you might be taken to a fake site selling counterfeit products, a bogus news story, fake work at home opportunities, or countless other scams.

Common fake pins that look real include: celebrity and beauty photos, giveaway offers, and before and after diet pictures.

To gain access to accounts, schemers might:

  1. Take advantage of security holes in third party applications that connect to Pinterest.
  2. Insert malicious code into the “Pin This” buttons on other websites.

In order to keep your Pinterest account secure, Susan suggests you should:

  • Report the pin
  • Change your password
  • Log out of your account when done
  • Know where you are logging in (avoid look-a-like sites such as “”)
  • Be careful about linking your account to other social media

Are you taking the right steps to protecting your social media accounts from hackers?

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