Riverhead Building Supply

(WPRI) – Whether you’re building a new home or just want to change the outside of the home you have, Riverhead Building Supply can help you.

Riverhead Building Supply carries cedar shingles and something new called fiber cement that is perfect for the New England weather.

It’s a rich look that adds to the outside of many homes in our area.

Michael Saccoccia from Riverhead Building Supply joined The Rhode Show Thursday morning to tell us all about these cedar shingles.

Riverhead: “Cedar shingles as well as white very common in New England market place,” Saccoccia said.

Now the home owner has a few different choices to choose from.

Riverhead: “A couple of different options you can do with it you can either get it natural and it will grey out and eventually turn black.  Which is very traditional you see that all over the coast line here, you can also get them pre dipped in a stain or a pre finish in paint.”

This is not a do it yourself project you need a pro.

Riverhead: “It is individual shingles so you do have to there is a lot of work involved I would defiantly recommend having a contractor do it.  There is quite a bit in terms of making sure things are square and even and you don’t want to have the little steps in your shingles as you are applying them.”

And price depends on what color and finish you have.

Riverhead: “It really varies in price depending on whether or not you’re doing whites or reds.  Reds tend to be a little bit more expensive.  Also whether or not you’re going to be having them pre dipped you can also get them double dipped. So, it really depends on what the application is and what you’re looking to do.”

Another option is fiber cement by Hardy.

Riverhead: “Great product holds up very well to salt water environment.  We are seeing it more and more.  Very low maintenance you can get them primed you can get them custom color.  A lot of different options and you can also do it in shingles and in clap board.'”

And he says it is virtually maintenance free.

Riverhead: “It’s more or less a composite that they have come up with cement and there is also an additional fibers that they us in there to make this composite up.  So it’s not going to decay it’s not going to rot you’re not going to have that issue like you would with wood.”

Fiber cement while more expensive is the perfect choice for New England weather.

Riverhead: “Especially when you have the salt air you get a lot more movement you get a lot more rot because the salt clings to it. So you’re not going to have that issue with the fiber cement.”

You can paint it or get it pre-primed and installation is a little more involved than a wood shingle.

Riverhead: “It gives you the same look it simulates it very well.  So, without you walking right up close to it and really looking at it, you’re not going to notice much of a difference especially from a street view.”

For more information about you can click play on the video above, or head to Riverhead Building Supply.

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