Program aims to keep drunk drivers off the road

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI)- A nightclub hosted designated driver program is earning praise from drunk driving opponents.

The Colosseum nightclub and Mothers Against Drunk Driving launched the program on Saint Patrick’s Day last year. The Colosseum’s owner says they are very pleased with the program’s results.

“A total of 314 people have participated in the designated driver reward program so far,” said Anthony Santurri, co-owner of the Colosseum.

Designated driver volunteers receive free admission to the club, reduced rates for friends and free non-alcoholic beverages. Volunteers also receive a voucher for a free return trip to the Colosseum.

The program has been praised by Providence’s police chief, the superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police and the executive director of MADD.

The incentives and advertising of the program have cost the club just over $6,000. The club’s owner says that’s a small price compared to what’s at stake.

“What’s the possibility of saving one life? Is it worth $6,000? I think it is,” said Santurri.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated 79 people were killed in drunk driving crashes on St. Patrick’s Day 2012.

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