Rhody Roundup: Target’s bad photoshop ad

Executive Producer of The Rhode Show, Ashley Erling, StyleWeek’s founder and President, Rosanna Ortiz-Sinel and comedian and former co-host of  The Rhode Show, Ben Hague, joined The Rhode Show for Friday’s Rhody Roundup panel.

In this segment we’re talking about some of the hot topics that have been making headlines this week.

  • Target is getting some bad press right now over its bad Photoshop of a girl in a bikini. Some are blaming the “thigh gap” obsession.
  • Amazon Prime is going to cost you more, raising the yearly cost by $20! Do you think Prime is worth it?
  • A recent study finds that the winter blues can spread very easily via Facebook these days, because emotions on the social networking site are contagious.

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