Bryant U. preps for 5th annual Public Speaking Colloquium

(WPRI) – Bryant University students, professors, and judges are gearing up for the 5th annual Public Speaking Colloquium.

This year’s event will be held on March 24 at 7 p.m. in Bello Grand Hall on the Bryant University Campus.

The competition has been called the ‘American Idol’ of public speaking, and was established by the Bryant University Department of Communication.  The university continues to recognize the importance of improving interpersonal skills among the young, technologically-savvy generation known as Generation M; and has created the event to encourage students to prefect their speaking and writing skills.

One of the biggest criterion for determining job attainment and success in competitive markets is the ability to communicate face-to-face. The colloquium allows students to develop and practice interpersonal skills, as well as learn from their more polished peers.

Judges provide constructive criticism to every participant during each round of the competition.

Students who compete get a great line on their resume and are in the running for big cash prizes! The first place winner will take home $1200, second place will win $500, and third place $250.

The event is open to the public, and local businesses and organizations are invited to attend for the purpose of  networking and scouting talented students. Each person who attends the competition is in the running to win one of two Apple iPads.

The event is generously sponsored by the Hanover Insurance Group who will be on hand to present the cash prizes Monday night.

Refreshments will be served. Anyone with questions can contact Professor Susan Baran at

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