Netflix subscribers face phishing scheme

(WPRI) – Subscribers of one of the nation’s most popular websites are facing a new online threat.

Thousands of Netflix users have been targeted in a phishing scheme. Subscribers of the online streaming website are being led to a look-alike website upon arrival. Once there, they risk giving up personal financial information.

Customers who inadvertently visit the phony webpage are prompted to enter their account login information, but the fake website will  alert the user their account has been suspended.

A supposed customer service number is provided to the unsuspecting visitor, and the operator requests the user download the Netflix Support Software. In actuality, this software provides a remote login opportunity for the schemer that gives them full access to the user’s computer. As a result, all of their personal and financial information is at risk.

The Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) report on this matter lays out three indicators to help prevent you from being the next victim of this scam. First, the customer service number does not lead you to a Netflix representative, but instead a call center in India.

Second, the website that resembles the Netflix login page is actually a pop-up. Third, the representative over the phone will want to log into your computer via remote software.

The BBB further recommends not clicking on any e-mails from Netflix, instead going to the website directly. They also advise that the fake website’s URL will most likely contain a common name followed by jumbled letters or numbers. Finally, always look up a business’s phone number yourself, and never risk your information by allowing someone to log into your computer via remote software.

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