Zoo fun at the Outback Trail

The Roger Williams Park Zoo is opening up a new exhibit that kids of all ages will enjoy – the Outback Trail in Australasia!

Dr. Jeremy Goodman, Executive Director for the zoo, stopped by “The Rhode Show” on Tuesday morning to chat about the exhibit.

He also brought along a Parma Wallaby named Miley. Watch the attached video to learn more about Miley.

Outback Trail opening in Australasia

The Outback Trail is opening on April 8. It will give visitors a chance to enter a rustic cabin to cross a moat and hop along a trail right through the middle of the kangaroo and wallaby exhibit. It’s a chance to get much closer to these interesting animals!

The pathway is clearly marked, and a rope fence assures guests don’t stray directly into the animals’ space.

The zoo’s three kangaroos – Sharlotte, Mickey and Lisa – now share their home with a number of Bennett’s wallabies. Wallabies are cousins to the grey kangaroo and Parma wallabies.

The Outback Trail will be free with admission.

Parma Wallaby (Named Miley)

Parma Wallabies used to roam from northeastern New South Wales to the Bega area in the southeast, but now their range is confined to the coast and ranges of central and northern New South Wales.

The wallabies are 33-42 inches tall and weight between 7-13 pounds. They are the smallest members of the genus Macropus.

Miley – our special guest on The Rhode Show – is blind. She relies heavily on her sense of smell.

Upcoming Zoo Events:

  • Through this month, visitors who donate a 16 ounce jar of peanut butter at Zoo admissions will receive one free children’s ticket for a child age 3 through 12 for use that same day. The peanut butter will be donated to the RI Community Food Bank.
  • The popular Animal Encounters season starts up again on weekends in April and May. Visitors can enjoy the thrill of feeding either a harbor seal or a giraffe (there is a fee in addition to zoo admission).

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