National Grid: Check for leaks

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — As Spring struggles to shake off the cold temperatures, National Grid is reminding customers they should be checking for gas leaks in and around their homes.

Officials said the constant freezing and thawing can have an impact on underground gas pipes. If a person suspects a gas leak in their home, they should call National Grid immediately.

Here are the warning signs to look for:

  • Smell: A substance is added to Natural gas to give it a pungent, rotten egg-like smell.
  • Sight: Outdoors you may see a white cloud, mist, fog, and bubbles in standing water or blowing dust.
  • Sound: You may hear an unusual noise like roaring, hissing or whistling

National Grid is also warning customers about the dangers of carbon monoxide. Common sources of the potentially deadly gas are malfunctioning forced-air furnaces, kerosene space heaters, natural gas ranges, wood stoves, and fireplaces.

Officials say it’s best to have your heating system checked by a professional. Chimneys and flues should also be checked periodically for blockages, including bird nests, and other debris.

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