Baby doll that burns and fitness band recalled

(WPRI) – A baby doll that can burn children and a fitness band that causes an allergic reaction are both being recalled. Problem Solver Susan Hogan joined The Rhode Show to give the details.

My Sweet Love / My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care Baby Doll may look innocent, but she packs a mean punch.  This cute and cuddly baby doll actually poses a burn hazard to children who play with it.

The circuit board in the chest of the doll allows her to babble when she gets “sick” but it can also overheat, causing the surface of the doll to get very hot. Walmart has sold the dolls exclusively since August 2012 and has already received 12 reports of incidents, including two reports of burns or blisters to the thumb.

The UPC code to determine if you have the recalled doll is: UPC 6-04576-16800-5

Parents should take the baby dolls away from their children immediately and remove the batteries.  The doll can be returned to any Walmart for a full refund.

And, Fitbit Force is an extremely popular wireless activity tracking wristband. More than 1 million of these bracelets are being recalled due to allergic reactions from the stainless steel casing materials used in the strap, or adhesives used to assemble the product.

There have been more than 9,000 reports of skin irritations such as redness and rashes, and about 250 reports of actual blistering.

Consumers can contact the company for a full refund if they are experiencing an allergic reaction.  Susan suggests keeping the wristband if you are not having any type of reaction.

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