New non-invasive treament for varicose veins

Varicose veins may not only be uncomfortable, but they could turn into a serious condition. This condition should be acknowledged and addressed by anyone suffering from it.

The Rhode Show recently visited with the team at the Rhode Island Vascular Institute to learn more about some innovative and non-invasive ways to treat and correct this issue.

The Rhode Island Vascular Institute team addressed some major misconceptions and explained various important facts and options concerning varicose veins:

  • It is a common misconception that all varicose vein disease treatment is purely cosmetic. Some cases can be treated by a medical practitioner and may be covered by insurance companies.
  • There are ways to start to conservatively manage the problem before things progress and lead to issues down the line. Simple measures like compression stockings and frequent elevation could help prevent difficult outcomes like skin infections and ulcers that are hard to treat.
  • An examination process will decide if you have varicose veins disease and which procedure is right for you. The Rhode Island Vascular Institute may perform a laser ablation which takes between 30-45 minutes, or smaller additional techniques that take two or three office visits.
  • The laser treatment is minimally invasive and uses ultrasound guidance to destroy the vein from the inside out. Patients are up and moving immediately and can usually return to work within several days of the procedure.
  • The Rhode Island Vascular Institute are the local leaders of this pioneering technology. They are the first in Rhode Island to use laser energy, compared to most that use less-effective thermal techniques.

At the Rhode Island Vascular Institute there is no doubt that you will be in expert hands. The team is very experienced and they believe “there is really no place they can have this done more safely and more effectively than Rhode Island Vascular Institute.”

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