10 questions to ask your wedding caterer

One of the most key parts of planning a wedding is locking in a fabulous caterer. You’ll need one you listens, is professional and works hard to create an amazing dining experience for your guests.

Susan Ellendwood, event manager for FARMBloomington Restaurant, says references from recent clients are clutch.
“A couple who has already been through the process can help you decide if a particular caterer is able to execute your vision,” advises Susan.
Along with this sage advice from Susan, Snappening.com, an online event planning service, offers this list of questions that are crucial to ask before you decide on who to hire.
1.     Are you approved to cater at my wedding venue? Have you done so before?
2.     Can you cater an event for my number of guests on my wedding date at my venue?
3.     Are your listed prices inclusive of taxes and fees, and if not, what’s the additional per person or overall charge we should anticipate?
4.     Can you create custom menus and is there a surcharge to do so?
5.     Does your pricing include linens, china, glassware, silver and other necessary serving items?
6.     Will I have a dedicated menu designer and will this designer be at my event?
7.     Can I use my own cake maker, or do I need to pick from your partner list?
8.     What’s your pre-event, event and post-event protocol for operations and expenses?
9.     What’s your policy on alcohol?
10. How far in advance is my final guest count due? Is there a penalty for an increase or decrease?
Make sure to take notes and weigh the pros and cons of each business you interview for this very important role. A caterer can make or break your time to relax, enjoy and celebrate this glorious life event.
About Snappening
Snappening is an online event planning database service headquartered in Indianapolis. It was born out of a real-life need by a real-life consumer doing what we all want to do most—plan an exceptional event to create a lasting memory. For more information, visit Snappening.com.

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