10 tent decorating tips for weddings

(courtesy of Camelot Party Rentals)

Outdoor weddings can be magical, but unless you’re covered you might end up cursed, wet or bug-ridden.  Try these tips to help you create an unforgettable wedding celebration.

1. Rain, rain, go away, stay away from my wedding day
Weather is an unpredictable enemy to outdoor events. Weather permitting, you can still have the outdoor ceremony of your dreams, but having the reception tented offers you an elegant back up plan if the clouds come your way and the wind picks up. Your guests can dance the night away after the ceremony is over without feeling the evening chill.
2. Winter wonderland
Snowy backgrounds make for a magical wedding setting, but igloos are not ideal for wedding venues. Tenting your wedding allows you to have your guests bundle up for the ceremony and then retreat into a warm temperature regulated tent for the reception.
3. Find your own venue
Have an outdoor spot that is special to you and your betrothed? Make your wedding even more meaningful by renting a tent and tying the knot in that special spot.
4. Elbow room
No one wants to feel like their wedding isn’t big enough for the room hosting it. Most venues have a capacity which depending on how many second cousins you are inviting, can create some awkward family dynamics come invitation time. Tenting your event can allow you to fill the space appropriately.
5. This time it is personal
Who wants to get married in another cookie cutter country club? Tenting gives you the freedom to create the wedding of your dreams, wherever and whenever.
6. Transform your event
A tent doesn’t always have to be the plain all white inside with no color and lighting. You can transform the tent into your dream wedding with tent draping and different types of lighting. Up-lightings, such as chandeliers, market lighting and paper lanterns, can add different shades of color and give your tent a glow.
7. Turning nowhere into somewhere
You don’t always have to be “somewhere” to have the wedding you want. You can transform an area in the middle of nowhere into a memorable wedding venue by creating different stations with tents. You may not have a kitchen or dance floor provided but with tenting and rentals you can create all of these things.
8. These go to eleven
But your local sound ordinance might not. Make sure to check with the local sound ordinances to avoid any tangles with the authorities on your wedding. Also, be a good neighbor and let folks in the area know a wedding is taking place and it might get noisy!
9. Gimme Shelter
Even if you’re covered with a tent, make sure you’ve got umbrellas on hand for guests in case of heavy rain. Line up a Plan B  as well in case of severe weather.
10. Details, details
It’s the little things that an add up, so make sure you’ve got accessible bathrooms, generators are gassed up and there is plenty of parking. You should also be careful where you are staking the tent. One quick stake through a septic line can turn any celebration into a big, stinky mess.
Many thanks to  Camelot Party Rentals in the Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Northern Nevada area for providing tips 1-7. Camelot specializes in providing party equipment and good advice for memorable weddings as well as other events.

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