Breaking traditions: Creating a memorable wedding

(Bello Romance Photography)

Spice up the traditional wedding with trendy, hip and adventurous flair.

International Flair:
Suki Mulberg Altamirano 
When the logistics of planning a destination wedding are tricky, you can always recreate the look and feel of a far away wedding at home in the details of your event décor.
Consider using flowers that are native to the location you want to evoke and styling them in striking vases that are crafted in the region.
Hand-hammered copper bud vases from Mexico or sleek rubber vases from Denmark both add a bold style to table settings. Another great way to add an international touch is through table linens that portray a signature style of your favorite destination.
Mayan table runners are hand woven in Guatemala using the ancient artisan technique of backstrap weaving.
These kind of handmade designs add a unique and one of a kind feeling to your wedding design, reminiscent of the artisan touch you might find at a destination wedding.
Flip the floral:
Holly Tittle 
McKinney Flowers
Keep your mind open for non-traditional bouquets and boutonnières. Incorporate new floral ideas for your bouquet like succulents and fruit.
Themes and childhood memories are prefect to use as special touches. I recently had a bride use small action figures as boutonnières.
Fabrics are also a popular and inexpensive option for a splash of color.
Exceptional receptions
Couples will be putting an even bigger emphasis on food and fun! That means, lots of creative food stations, snack stations – like DIY S’mores, popcorn – and late night goodies. Carnival foods such as snow cones, cotton candy and candy apples will be extremely popular for summer weddings, as will food trucks, ice cream trucks, French fry trucks and taco trucks. Not only are food trucks cool and different but it’s also convenient!
Offer an escape away from the dance floor area for guests to eat, drink and mingle in a relaxed setting such as a reception lounge. From a groom’s or male perspective, the lounge is the perfect spot to enjoy a brew, cocktail or some finger food. If you’re planning to include a photo booth, yard or table games or a build-your-own drink station – the lounge is the perfect place to do it!
In 2013, technology will play an enormous role in how couples will share their most treasured moments with friends and family around the world.  Live-streaming weddings will continue to gain popularity and next year will be a defining year for this type of service. If a loved one cannot attend a wedding, couples may choose to broadcast their event and allow front row access to anyone, anywhere.

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