Choosing a tip-top wedding cake baker

(Bello Romance Photography)

One thing you and your guests will remember in the hustle and bustle of your big day is the cake. Those little old biddies giving sloppy, mushy kisses will turn right around and whisper amongst themselves if your wedding cake is the slightest bit dry or not up to par.

Avoid a wedding day cake disaster by following some helpful tips from the experts.
Snappening,  an online event planning with an emphasis on wedding planning, points out that a lot of the decision depends on what is specifically important to each bride. The site experts advise to share your vision and wedding date early on with the cake maker.
“Are you looking for a specific flavor, a specific finish, trying to replicate something you’ve seen online? Is there a budget you need to meet? Everything will depend on these factors combined with the venue you’re using as well as your budget per person.” – Crystal Grave, CEO
It’s very important to remember that cakes can range anywhere from about $2 per person up to $15 per person depending on how elaborate or rare the combination of flavor, finish and design. It’s wise to take your cake budget and divide that by your guest count to figure out what to tell the cake maker when you meet.
Enlist the recommendations of other vendors if you’re not sure about whom to use for your cake.
You can also follow this checklist provided by Ilene McHone of the Carmel, Indiana-based bakery Classic Cakes, a two-time preferred vendor on The Knot, to make sure you get exactly what you want.
1. Always sample the company’s cakes.
2. Ask your wedding vendors for referrals. They all see each other’s work.
3. Check with Better Business Bureau to see if the bakery is a member and to see if they are complaint free.
4. Check with your friends to find reliable businesses that they have used.
5. To get the most reliable quote, get a price on an actual picture of a cake.  Many places charge different amounts for various options.  You cannot always go by the companies “price per serving.”
6. See if the company has more than one decorator capable of doing your cake.  What happens if the “one” decorator gets sick, breaks an arm, or has a family emergency? You need to make sure you are covered.
7. Check online wedding sites like “The Knot,”  “Wedding Wire,” “The Wedding Channel,” and “Snappening” to see company reviews or listings.
8. Order a cake from the company for a birthday, shower or holiday to see the workmanship prior to your event.
9. Not only should the company be able to make a good quality product, they should also have great customer service. You’ll want someone who is flexible and willing to make your dream cake a reality.
About Snappening 
Snappening is an online event planning database service headquartered in Indianapolis. It was born out of a real-life need by a real-life consumer doing what we all want to do most—plan an exceptional event to create a lasting memory. For more information, visit

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