Fresh floral tips from the experts

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One of the key elements of any wedding is the floral design. Make sure your wedding is bursting with beautiful blooms by following this expert advice.

Trend Tip:
Laid-back, local, “aw shucks I just tossed this together” wildflowers are a great option for an eco- or budget-friendly bride, but beware: your blooms should actually be local and in-season for the look to come across naturally! Consult your florist on available local blooms, and make sure your venue and time of year are appropriate for a looser, farm-style feel.
Trend Tip:
Make it meaningful! Today’s brides are incorporating lots of personal details into their day, and flowers are no exception. An heirloom rosary around your bouquet, attaching Mom’s corsage to a gifted bracelet instead of a corsage wristlet- or even taking it a step further and borrowing vases belonging to various family members for your florist to use at each table. Make sure they’re carefully marked, then let your guests enjoy beautiful family pieces before sending them home with their owner (and a thank-you note!). That tear in your grandmother’s eye? Win.Trend Tip:
Check out the latest trends when planning your wedding, but don’t be afraid to adapt them to your own personal style (or ignore them completely, if that’s more “you.”) Ultimately, if it’s trendy, you’re going to be seeing a lot of it. If it doesn’t speak to you, why just blend into the crowd? Find a florist who’s willing to work with YOU- it’s YOUR wedding!
Trend Tip:
Be flexible and listen to your designer. Choose a designer you like and meet with them. Ask to see their portfolio.
Trend Tip:
Use Pinterest. Use Google. Get ideas. Have a budget. One of the scariest things as a planner is someone having no preferences. That sets up for major disappointment on all sides.
Trend Tip:
Succulents have really taken a front and center role the last few years. There is also an increased focus on simple florals – wildflowers, farm flowers, easy table settings, etc. This trend is mirroring the increased interest in rustic weddings.
Trend Tip:
On the flip side, we are seeing a strong movement toward Gatsby-era weddings now and elaborate vintage florals that mirror that time and feel. Brides are often swinging very sharply in either direction – (a) rustic or (b) vintage with modern lines.
Becky Ruby-Wojtowicz
Lilli Lane Flowers, Indianapolis
Holly Tittle
McKinney Flowers, Lafayette, Ind.
Crystal Grave 
President and CEO


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