Rhode Show crew takes music lessons

The Rhode Show team is going out for a little jam session. From accordion to xylophone, Will, Michaela and Brendan visited a man who knows it all and had them rocking out in no time.

“My primary instrument is guitar. I’ve been playing that for over 20 years and went to school at Berkley College of Music in Boston and studied Music Education where I learned a lot of other instruments like piano and drums and bass,” Sean P. Rogan, owner of You Rock School of Music, said.

After 15 years touring the world with his band, Sean said it was time to settle down. So, he created his own school.

“The band I was in had a very DIY ethic and did everything ourselves. And I was like I’m just gonna start my own music school.”

And in just three years, “You Rock” has more than 100 students.

“Music is for everyone it’s not an elitist activity, if you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance. You just need to learn the right set of motor skills and how to control the sound to fit in the grid of the beat.”

Sean teaches students of all ages, experience and genres.

Some of his students will be performing on stage Sunday, March 30, at Fete in Providence for the third Annual “You Rock School of Music Concert.” It’s open to all ages and features bands, solo performances and Sean’s band, “Power of Love.”

The concert will raise money for Crossroads Rhode Island by raffling off items like yoga sessions, sky diving and music lessons.

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More information: You Rock Music School

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