Bring life to your lawn after long, snowy winter

(WPRI) — It’s been a tough winter here in Southern New England and spring is finally upon us, so it’s time to get working on that lawn.

Dr. Jim Wilkinson of SeaScape joined the Rhode Show Tuesday to explain the impact that the long, snow covered winter had on lawns.

According to Wilkinson, the biggest impact is the development of a lawn disease called “snow mold”, which is a fungus that actually grows under the snow. It will give your lawn a brown, matted down appearance. Also expect to see a lot of snow plow damage and damage from salt used to melt ice.

SeaScape has also already seen some ticks around, despite the cold temperatures. The ticks are forested to be bad again this year, as snow provides them with some cover and will actually help them survive.

For a free lawn evaluation call SeaScape at  1-800-294-LAWN(5296) or visit

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