Credit card confusion causes multiple charges

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) – These days, people seem to be checking their credit card statements more than ever. But what happens when precaution leads to confusion?

Charlann Walker of Warwick thought she was doing the right thing when she canceled her Discover card upon seeing what she believed to be a false charge. However, Charlann’s caution-sparked actions resulted in a double charge on her card.

In need of a new laptop and printer, Charlann visited a small shop in Warwick, telling Call 12 for Action “I paid for it on my Discover card.”

Looking at her credit card statement a few weeks later, Charlann noticed a charge from a San Jose company that she didn’t recognize.

Fearing the worst, Charlann canceled her Discover card and filed for a new one. A few days later, she received a call from the computer store, informing her that the San Jose charge was actually for her laptop.

To put the confusion to rest, Charlann brought the store a check for the computer, but when her new card arrived, it had a balance of the amount of the computer on it.

After much frustration with her credit card provider, Charlann’s son recommended she contact Call 12 for Action.

Charlann said that within hours “Discover called and said ‘We’re going to fix this.’”

Due to privacy issues, Discover did not speak specifically about what went wrong with Charlann’s case, but they did provide her with a direct line to customer service in the event of future problems.

As for Charlann’s credit card balance, it’s now back to zero.

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