Obama praises ‘Boston Strong’ resolve, poses for ‘selfie’ with Ortiz

WASHINGTON (WPRI) — After losing a heartbreaker to the Baltimore Orioles on Opening Day, the Boston Red Sox will took a short trip south to be honored for their successes last season.

As is the tradition for any professional team that takes home a title, the 2013 World Series champions had a face-to-face encounter with Pres. Barack Obama in the nation’s capital around 11 a.m. Tuesday.

The presidential visit was meant to celebrate The Sox’ accomplishments on the baseball field, but Obama also took time to speak about other Boston-centric events – specifically last year’s Boston Marathon bombings that Obama described as a “senseless act of terror that turned celebration into chaos and joy into anguish.

The president praised the city’s “resolve” and commended the leadership of former Boston Mayor Tom Menino. He said the Red Sox last year helped bring the community together.

“Obviously all the wins were sweet for Red Sox fans, but I think for the nation as a whole, there was something about this particular squad that was special and will go down in history,” Obama said. “Not just because they went from worst to first, but because they symbolize grit and the resilience of Americans.”

Obama also mentioned Boston Fire Lt. Edward Walsh and firefighter Michael Kennedy, both of whom were killed in last week’s tragic Beacon Street fire.

“The first responders, the brave citizens, the resolute victims of these tragedies, they’re all Boston Strong,” Obama said. “And ultimately, that’s what this team played for last season. And every man behind me did his part to keep the team rolling.”

This marks the Sox’ third trip to the White House in the past decade after championship runs in 2004 and 2007.

Jonny Gomes was the only player who wore the ostentatiously patriotic American flag blazer that he recently purchased for the entire team.

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