Woman, pooch and puppies forced out by flooding

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WPRI) — A Narragansett woman is dealing with water after her home started flooding. Now, she has a dog and ten puppies to take care of, too.

The dogs are happy, healthy and hungry. But, they’ve had quite an adventure due to some serious rain.

“These guys, their wonderful and loving foster home unfortunately flooded, so they are now with me temporarily, until their foster home gets back into the condition that it needs to house puppies,” Alisha Kutzler explained.

Kutzler operates a dog rescue called “The No Name Dog Foundation,” and she didn’t hesitate about rushing to Narragansett for the emergency evacuation of mom Sugar, and her 10 puppies. All the while, she’s dealing with flooding in her own home, too.
narragansett puppies 1
“We spent all am sucking it up and filling the Shop-Vac and putting it back outside. But unfortunately there’s no place for the water to go. The ground is saturated. We’re low lying, so it’s kind of like fighting an uphill battle.”

She lives in an historic home near the Queen’s River. Kutzler said she’s used to minor flooding in her basement when it rains a lot.

But, this time it was more than usual.

“Basement’s kind of sad. A lot things are going to have to be thrown out, unfortunately. Luckily, they are only material possessions.”

Kutzer had originally rescued the puppies’ mother from North Carolina. At the time, she had no idea the dog was pregnant with an entire litter.

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