North Prov. gym closes abruptly, owes $224,000+

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – North Providence residents who like to exercise before the sun comes up received an unwelcome surprise Friday morning, as a popular local gym was not open for business.

The front window at Gold’s Gym on Smith Street in North Providence, which is owned by Gable Fitness Inc., featured a “For Lease” sign directly underneath the international chain’s famous logo. The doors were locked, and a typed message told customers their memberships would be honored at the company’s Warwick location.

“I’m pretty upset because I just renewed my membership for two years,” Providence resident Elissa O’Brien said.

According to the property owner, the gym was shut down because Gable didn’t pay rent for a year, which totaled more than $224,000.

After Gable directed members to it’s Warwick location, which is still open, Eyewitness News uncovered the personal property tax records for that location. The records, dating back to 2008, show that Gable Fitness hasn’t paid personal property taxes to the city of Warwick for six years. That means, Gable’s only open location, owes $80,587.10 in delinquent personal property taxes.

The Attorney General’s office said they have been in contact with the owner.

A Facebook message posted Friday morning by the gym’s owners claimed the owners had been unable to renew their lease with the landlord of their North Providence location. In response, all customers were asked to leave at 4:30 p.m. Thursday, the owners said.

Armand Lemoi, a North Providence resident and a member of Gold’s Gym, said his wife was asked to leave the building on Thursday while she was in the middle of an evening workout. Lemoi stopped by the gym early Friday morning and found the owners’ note for himself.

“They were in there, someone walked in – I guess it was the owner of the building I’m not sure – and asked everyone if they would leave and they left,” he said.

The Attorney General’s office is encouraging anyone who was a member of the North Providence location to get in touch with them by filing a consumer complaint online.

The North Providence business is the second local gym to suddenly close in recent weeks. Back on March 31, Flex Gym in Burrillville locked its doors without warning.

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