Judge considers 38 Studios deposition release


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI/AP) — An attorney for one of the defendants in the 38 Studios case says the public release of depositions, including to House and Senate oversight panels reviewing the deal, would jeopardize a fair trial.

William Dolan, who represents a former lawyer to the Economic Development Corp., told a judge Friday the depositions should be kept confidential. If the judge does find they’re subject to public disclosure, Dolan argued that shouldn’t happen until all the depositions are complete.

“To have a selective disclosure of certain deposition transcripts to the public, when we’re  in the midst of numerous other deposition transcripts of other witnesses that would more fully and fairly inform the public’s consideration of these matters is a much preferred outcome,” he told the judge.

The legislative committees and the media requested the materials under public records law. The agency’s attorneys support the materials’ release.

The EDC in 2010 approved a $75 million loan guarantee for Curt Schilling’s video game company. It later went bankrupt, and the agency filed suit against the ex-Red Sox pitcher and others.

On Thursday night, members of the House Oversight Committee came up with a list of witnesses they may subpoena to testify, which included Curt Schilling and former House Speaker Gordon Fox.

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