Spring brings uptick in window falls, cord injuries

(WPRI) – A young child is likely to become strangled by a window cord this month, a study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) revealed.

Now that spring is here, safety experts say it is worth the time to take a look around your house to make sure windows and their accessories are far from a child’s reach.

According to the CPSC, if you have children around and cord on your windows be sure to:

  • Secure them or cut them off
  • Examine all shades and blinds for exposed cords
  • Use cordless window coverings if possible
  • If you can’t afford new cordless window covers, contact the window covering safety council for a free repair kit to make them safer.

Another danger when the weather gets nicer is falls from windows. Every summer, children accidentally fall out of windows when leaning on screens.

You can install window guards or window stops to prevent children from falling out. If possible, try to open windows from the top to prevent injuries. Keep furniture, especially children’s beds, far from windows to help prevent injuries.

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