Security bolstered for next week’s marathon

BOSTON (WPRI) – Just one day before the anniversary of last year’s Boston Marathon bombings, city officials are implementing new security measures to make sure this year’s race remains safe for the hundreds of thousands expected to attend.

One of the more noticeable changes at this year’s marathon will be an increased presence of security cameras along the route. More than 100 cameras will be installed along the Boston portion of the marathon path, all of which will feed into a command center that will be monitored before, during and after the race.

There will also be 50 observation points throughout the entire course that security officials say will help monitor the crowds.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said the security strategy’s goal is to guarantee safety while maintaining the family-friendly atmosphere that has made the Boston Marathon one of the city’s most beloved traditions.

“We don’t want to intimidate people by the police presence out there,” Evans said during a press conference over the weekend. “But believe me, we’re going to have plenty of assets, and – if need be – they’ll be rolling in very quickly.”

This will be the first Boston Marathon that Evans will oversee as Boston’s top officer. The 31-year veteran was promoted to commissioner back in January to replace Ed Davis, who stepped down last November.

Eyewitness News and will have continuing coverage of this year’s Boston Marathon all week long, including live reports from tomorrow afternoon’s memorial ceremony.

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