Pre-pasta dinner boosts runners’ carbohydrates

(Photo: Jared Pliner/WPRI)

BOSTON (WPRI) — In just a few hours 36,000 runners will line up in Hopkinton, Massachusetts for the 118th Boston Marathon. Thousands of others from around the world will line the marathon route to watch this year’s historic race.

Earlier Sunday night, runners stopped by City Hall Plaza for a pre-race pasta dinner. It’s a tradition to fill up on carbohydrates for the 26.2 mile run. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh was there too, and helped scoop pasta for some of the runners.

“This city is not down, this city is very high and very up. And tomorrow’s going to be a spectacular day I think in Boston,” Walsh said.

Terry Langfitt has been marathons for two decades. He traveled from Dallas, Texas to be a part of this historic and poignant race.

“I worked my butt off six months so I could qualify to be here for this,” Langfitt said. “I just turned 70 and I’m doing what’s called Boston to Big Sur. I’m running Boston on Monday and I’m running Big Sur Marathon on Sunday.”

The City Hall dinner capped off a special Easter Sunday in Boston. Some of the Monday’s 36,000 runners packed Old South Church for the traditional “Blessing of the Runners” to keep their bodies safe from injury and to give them perseverance. Terry Langfitt knows something about that.

“This is my third and it won’t be my last one. I’ve done 53 marathons in total, so you know, it’s not my first rodeo.”

Langfitt said he is aiming to finish the marathon in four hours. In his younger days, he rain it in three hours and nine minutes.

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