Soldiers in Afghanistan run in honor of Boston

(WPRI) — Being deployed in Afghanistan meant Chaplain Lukasz Willenberg couldn’t participate in the 2014 Boston Marathon, so he instead decided to bring “Boston Strong” to Bagram.

Willenberg joined the Army in late 2013 after serving for several years as an Associate Pastor at St. Luke’s Parish in Barrington. He now serves as chaplain in the Headquarters Battalion of the Army’s 10th Mountain Division.

Willenberg ran last year’s marathon, and after the tragedy that occurred at the finish line he said he wanted “to let the soldiers experience the magic of the race and be part of what is at this point, I think, much more than just a race.”

Approximately 600 soldiers from various branches of the military took part in the “shadow run” at Bagram Airfield Friday.

“Even though we are deployed, even though we are far away from our families, our friends, far away from Boston, but that day, on Friday morning at 0300, we were simply part of Boston. We were Boston Strong, united in the same spirit.”

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