Lightning strikes in west bay neighborhoods

(WPRI) – As scattered showers and thunderstorms moved through Southern New England, local fire crews responded to reports of lightning strikes in both Warwick and Cranston.

According to residents on Social Drive in Warwick, at about 10:30 a.m. a powerful storm moved through the city and sent a bolt of lightning into a tree, snapping it in half.

“We were sitting here playing, then there was a huge flash – a rumble – the kids started screaming,” said witness Melissa Mitchell.

Mitchell believes one of her neighbors homes was hit by the same strike, which caused the siding to explode off the house and singe an electrical outlet, which burned her door bell.

As the storm moved into the distance, neighbors in the area gathered together to talk about the fast moving storm that rocked their neighborhood. One neighbor told Eyewitness News that all of the wall hangings in her home fell to the ground as the strike hit.

Workers at an Apple House Road home in Cranston believe a lightning strike hit a flag pole, which ripped apart an American flag, then shot through the roof of the home. Pieces of siding were found all over the back yard and insulation poured out of a wall in the garage. He lost power after workers say the surge knocked down lines to his house.

No injuries have been reported from either incident.

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