Disabled teen makes plea for stolen bike’s return

Photos by Madeline Wright

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The family of a disabled teen in Providence is reaching out to the public after a $7,000 tricycle made just for him was stolen from their backyard before he could even try it out.

After a lifetime of battling illnesses, 17-year-old Wayne Thompson was looking forward to riding his custom-made tricycle this summer – until Monday when his family reported it stolen from their Tanner Street home.

Wayne has medical problems that prevent him from being able to ride a standard bicycle, and three years ago the family received a trike designed specifically for him through a donation from Shriners Hospital.

The teen couldn’t ride it until this summer because of a back surgery and a brain infection, and now, he may not get the chance.

“When my mom told me it was stolen, I felt kind of sad,” said Wayne. “It meant a lot to me because the guy who made it for me passed away last year.”

Wayne’s mother is handing out flyers to local business with hopes of anyone with information coming forward. She said the bike was finally a chance for her son to feel like a normal kid, and she’s not sure why someone would steal it.

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