RI woman creates disaster app to help ‘find you’

A responder shines his flashlight into the remains of several mobile homes as he searches for survivors in Louisville, Miss., early Tuesday morning, April 29, 2014 after a tornado hit the east Mississippi community Monday. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

In the wake of devastating twisters in the south, a pair of cousins have found a way to help track people hiding out during tornadoes. It’s a new smart phone app that could prove to be very useful.

The app is called “Find Me – Tornado Safety,” and it’s the first disaster app focused on finding people following a tornado. The app provides a user’s contacts with the GPS location once a user has taken shelter during a tornado. The Find Me Alert is issued via text, email, phone message and will have the ability to share status on Facebook and Twitter.

The Find Me Alerts can be sent when a user is incapacitated or cell phone service goes out during a storm.

Cousins Kim and Tammy Fuller developed the app. Tammy Fuller is a software architect from Lincoln, Rhode Island and her cousin Kim is a disaster prevention expert living in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

tornado find me safety app
Find Me– Tornado Safety App is available for iPhone and Android and is available through iTunes and Google Play stores.

“With a few swipes of a smart phone screen, users can notify contacts of their last known GPS location as well as be monitored on most popular web-based mapping software. The app also has the ability to give users the ability to share their status on Facebook and Twitter,” said Tammy Fuller, chief software architect of Echo Messaging Systems.

Other helpful features of the app include:

  • Ability for emergency responders and Alert recipients to see activated Alerts on Find Me’s GeoRss Feed.
  • Built in Flashlight
  • Emergency Siren and Strobe upon activation for responders to hear/see when trying to locate the incapacitated.
  • Notifications to contacts are delivered when local communication cell towers and other infrastructure are damaged by using servers not in harm’s way.

The servers for the app’s program are located in Rhode Island. So, service won’t be affected in tornado alley or other high impact zones.

The Find Me – Tornado App is available in the app store on your smartphone.

For more information www.FindMeTornado.com

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