No charges against ex-PC basketball player in alleged sex assault

Fmr. Providence Friar Brandon Austin, seen here, and Rodney Bullock are being investigated in connection with a sex assault complaint.

(WPRI) — A former Providence College basketball player has been named in a police report regarding an alleged sexual assault in Oregon, but will not be facing criminal charges.

According to The Oregonian, a woman is claiming Brandon Austin and two of his teammates forcibly raped her at a party thrown by University of Oregon athletes on March 8.

The Lane County District Attorney’s office has declined to prosecute due to a lack of evidence, the paper reports.

Austin and fellow Friar Rodney Bullock were suspended from the Providence team in the fall of 2013 for conduct reasons. Several months later in March, a PC student told police she was sexually assaulted in November by two members of the basketball team. Neither the school nor police released the names of the men and no charges have been filed.

Bullock’s attorney told The Associated Press the school’s investigation did not find that either student had been involved in a sexual assault.

Austin later transferred to the University of Oregon.

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