Developers cause couple to lose brand new home


A young couple who poured thousands of dollars into building their dream home watched it go up for auction on Thursday, to no fault of their own.

Mark Hattoy and his wife Gina watched strangers bid on their brand new home. A home they had poured more than $140,000 into and never took ownership of.

“I’m sick to my stomach, I was devastated,” said Gina, “We have two years of time invested into this home, and our childhood savings invested into this home.”

According to the Contractor’s Registration Board, the developers who were building the house didn’t pay the bank and many of their sub-contractors. This left the couple in the middle of a mess, as the bank foreclosed on developers Stephen, James, and Thomas Colucci.

The bothers were developing Great Woods Estates in Cumberland, but a few years into it, things began to bottom out. According to town records, the Colucci’s failed to pay real estate taxes on the Hattoy’s house and six unsold lots.

In 2012, the couple signed a purchase and sales contract with Colucci Brothers LLC out of Cranston. Call 12 for Action did a quick search and learned that the company was working illegally.

“We went through our records and found that the Colucci company is not among any of our registered contractors,” said George Whalen, Executive Director of the Contractors’ Registration and Licensing Board.

The Colucci brothers now face multiple violations and liens from suppliers who are owed thousands of dollars.

In the end, the back bought back the house for $360,000.

The Call 12 for Action team reached out to all three Colucci brothers and their attorney, but the calls have not been returned.

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