Health coverage snags plague some RI residents

(WPRI) – Even after paying the premium and receiving identification cards, some Rhode Island residents who signed up through HealthSource Rhode Island are still being told they don’t have health coverage.

Wakefield resident John Barbera and Cumberland resident Tamara Gruber both ran into trouble when they were told they did not have health coverage. Both residents went online, signed up for coverage though HealthSource Rhode Island, and had proof they had paid their premiums.

“I took my daughter to the dentist and when we got there, they told me we didn’t have coverage,” said Tamara.

Her account kept showing a credit of $1,000, which means HealthSource was not debiting her account and paying her insurance provider.

“I was very concerned we were going to end up without healthcare,” she said.

John was told his coverage would start on March 1, after he paid his first $800 premium. He made doctor’s appointments but was forced to cancel after his health cards never showed up.

Call 12 for Action learned that even though both John and Tamara’s accounts are now up to date, there are many more cases just like theirs across the state.

HealthSource RI acknowledged that some customers are not covered, even though they have paid.

“That is completely unacceptable. Our system vendor…is working to identify the root causes of these inappropriate disenrollments and has assured HealthSource RI that the majority of these causes will be addressed by May 31,” said HealthSource in a statement.

As a result of these types of complaints, their system vendor is creating a quality assurance process to identify those who are improperly disenrolled, so they don’t find themselves without insurance.


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